April Featured Member: Lara Gularte

Lara Gularte, member of Escritores del Nuevo Sol, and current Poet Laureate for El Dorado County, has just released her latest book, Fourth World Woman (Finishing Line Press, 2022) available here: https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/fourth-world-woman-by-lara-gularte/

Lara’s poetry has always given readers glimpses of family and natural connections, even in these precarious times. Her latest work, Fourth World Woman approaches healing using a more surreal point of view.

The novelist, Katherine Vaz, describes the collection this way: “Nature carries so much that is inherently female. The ‘Fourth World Woman’ poem at the end is the stunner that ties the collection together, helping us intuit that redemption can still happen. Opening our hearts to that high grade of healing means becoming anima-and-animal ourselves, because that is who we are, and what we have lost, and what we might still become. The cattle screaming in the chutes and other deaths in the poems also tell us that what is hidden from our view is still present, and we ignore this to our peril. The poems form a statement for our times, urging us to turn to the physical, actual world.” 

Lara is scheduled to have upcoming readings, most of which are accessible for all. Come out to hear her read, and to meet this wonderful, generous poet!

Further details available here, at the Modesto-Stanislaus Poetry Center

Further details about this event at San Jose State University available here

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