Our New Website and Blog

Why do this? Our new website and blog may look redundant. Does the world really need another writer’s website and blog? The answer is yes, especially this one.

  • We will not be erased, and neither will we surrender our chosen language of expression.
  • We will be a light in the darkness, a voice in the silence, and encouragers in this age of discouragement

Writing publicly, rather than simply keeping a personal journal is powerful. It allows you to voice your truth where no one can silence you. Before you go on, leave a comment below and tell us why you’re looking for us, why you’re looking to write.

When you’re ready to write, nothing can stop you. Make a list of things you will write about and then get to a quiet space, where you can express yourself. Once you write a story, a poem, a blog post, let us know how it goes.


los Escritores del Nuevo Sol

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