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Escritores del Nuevo Sol

Writers of the New Sun

Biligual Writers of the Sacramento Region .

According to Aztec legend, there are five suns. On their sun-centered stone calendars, we humans endure through many suns or ages. In each sun period, we must adapt to meet the challenge of that sun. During the Sun of Wind, people became monkeys, with hands to hold on to rocks during hurricanes. During the Sun of Rain and Fire, people had to become birds to ascend over erupting volcanoes. During the Sun of Water, people turned into fish to survive the floods. During the Sun of the Jaguar, the jaguars devoured the Titans, who formerly possessed the earth.

The Aztecs recognized their age as that of the Fifth Sun, the Sun of Movement or Earthquakes, an age of great transformation. The next age ~our age ~ has been prophesied as the Sixth Sun, the Sun of New Consciousness. This is a time for awareness of peace and justice among people, of harmony with nature.

From this age, or Sun, comes the name of los Esritores del Nuevo Sol, or the Writers of the New Sun.

~JoAnn Anglin